Random Encounters Reworked bible

Everything you need to know about RER
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Hunts, like any encounter have two menus for them. One for the day and one for the night. Useful if you want hunts only during the day and none during the night

First, you can control with the frequency slider how often you see hunts. image showing the frequency slider It is a ratio of all the frequency sliders from all the encounters, so if you set 5 to one and 50 to another it means the one with 50 has 10 times the chance to appear compared to the 5 one.

Then you can control which creatures you see from hunts image showing the hunt settings These are ratios too, you don't have to calculate the exact % but you simply need to know that 100 is ten times more than 10.

Creatures from hunts roam the world freely and leave tracks on the ground. They don't directly go towards Geralt and simply mind their own business, until you get close enough.