Random Encounters Reworked bible

Everything you need to know about RER
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Events in RER are stuff that happens based on your actions. For example, fighting makes noise, and noise attracts curious creatures around you. Or bleeding attracts necrophages. Higher chance to get ambushed by swamp creatures when you enter a swamp.
But not all events need the player interaction. Some events change the world around you without you noticing. The ecosystem for example is controlled by an event. Or there is another events that adds creatures to groups of vanilla creatures to make your playthroughs different each time.

The event menus has three types of sliders, the first two are the most important ones image showing the two first sliders for events The first one, the interval, is something you should not change actually. It controls how often RER checks for new events.
the second one, Seconds before an event can trigger again is what i call the ICD (internal cooldown). It is the most important slider. The value you set here in the ICD is the base value for all the percentages you will set below. For example, if you set 60 seconds in the ICD and 10% in an event, it means there are 10% chance the event will trigger every 60 seconds. But if you increase the ICD without changing the percentage, you will indirectly see less events. And as the name implies it also prevents event from triggering twice in the interval you set.