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Everything you need to know about RER
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The contracts mod menu

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Starting a contract

RER displays only one errand on the noticeboard. This errand, once picked, may display a difficulty selector if the options allow it, then a dialogue menu with different options.

At this moment you can only accept one of the given contracts, to start a second one you will have to go back to the noticeboard and take the RER errand again. Doing so will cancel any currently unfinished RER contract you have in progress.

Once you picked the contract of your choice, RER will then pick among the list of known and discovered locations in the world. Reach the location and the contract will start.

Known locations and discovered locations

RER comes with a pre-defined list of known locations, these locations are hand-picked by the contributors and make for interesting places for contracts. It also uses the point of interests from the base game, bandit camps, caverns, places of powers, etc...

However RER has the ability to learn about new locations as you explore the world. If the option is enabled, every time you will slay an enemy the mod will be notified and it will scan the surrounding for new potential locations.

When a contract is picked, the mod will then have the ability to pick locations from the hand-placed locations but also the discovered locations for a greater variety.

The difficulty of the contracts

The difficulty of the contracts you play directly controls the strength of the creatures you will see during them. Creatures are given bonus armour as well as bonus damage to artificially increase the difficulty.

In case artificial difficulty isn't your thing ou can change how difficulty scaling is achieved with the Allow increased enemy count toggle. When set to ON, the mod will no longer increase the resistances and damage of the monsters but instead it will increase the enemy count in higher difficulties.

Note that it is disabled by default because while technically more balanced it may result in a frustrating experience when facing multiple enemies at once. The game isn't exactly balanced for one to many fights and unless you have a strong sign build you may get stun locked frequently. It is however a lot more fun to craft builds that can handle multiple large monsters at once!

Completing contracts and rewards

Rewards vary based on the settings you picked, refer to the Type of Rewards option to learn more about your choices.


Once the contract is completed, crowns are directly added to your inventory based on the creature you fought, its strength, and how many of them were there.

The base value is obtained from the Rewards System - crowns menu. If you wish to tweak the values then refer to the dedicated page.

Tokens of gratitude

Every time you will complete a contract, you will earn tokens of gratitude from the locals that you will be able to trade for valuables to the bounty master. For each token the trader will offer various types of rewards:

The rewards token you get from the completion of the contract however depends on the location where you started the contract. A poor Velen settlement does not have the same rewards as Novigrad for example.

Depending on the difficulty of the contract you just completed, your reward may vary. Harder contracts result in more tokens.

ยงReputation and vanilla contracts

The mod introduces a simple reputation system to the game, as you complete contracts (from the mod) your reputation increases in the area. Each settlement and its noticeboard has its reputation metter, having a high reputation in Novigrad will not have an impact on other nearby settlements.

People will not accept jobs from you until you have grown your reputation, you must first get known to be able to read the interesting offers. This accounts medium and hard contracts from the mod but vanilla contracts as well. If you wish to complete quests in the area you must first complete at least a few easy contracts from the noticeboard.