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Everything you need to know about RER
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What would be the point of killing monsters, if you did not get any reward for it. RER adds new trophies with the sole purpose of being sold so that you can earn a few crowns from the monsters you killed. Because trophies may not sell much with the economy altering mods you use, it also includes an option for direct crown drops from creatures if you need it.


In the crown settings, you control the base values for each encounter type. And then for each creature you control how much of the base value they drop in %. This value has some randomness you cannot edit, it varies by between 80% and 120% of what you set. So if you set 50% to the Sirens it will in reality vary between 40% and 60% This allows you to tell RER that Sirens should drop few crowns and also control the amount of crowns you get based on the encounter type. Some people do not want crowns outside of contracts so they set the From ___ sliders to 0 except for the From contracts slider.
Then you can tweak the amount dropped on a per creature basis.


You can control from which encounters you get RER trophies with the first toggles. Creatures from an encounter with the trophies disabled won't drop trophies. You can also change the price of the trophies you get, but note it is not retroactive and won't change the price of the trophies you already picked.

And finally, you can edit the chance for the creature to drop trophies. 100 means it has 100% chance to drop a trophy, 50 means 50% and 0 means no trophies drop this creature.

§Containers refill

RER has always been about revitalizing old content, or places. This feature will refill the containers of regions where you kill monsters. It's a pretty simple feature: you kill monsters, containers around you are filled with new loot.
Containers are: boxes, bags, chests, barrels, ...
Obvsiously we all have a different view of balance, this is why this feature comes with a few (a lot of) sliders.

image showing the Default preset and the OFF preset But first, let's talk about the presets: the defaults preset is applied automatically the first time you play with the mod; and second: the OFF preset to disable the feature.
Now the main sliders:

Image showing the sliders for the loot tables Each slider that starts with the little yellow dash is a loot table. Every time this system triggers it will randomly pick one loot table for each container (if you allowed more than one container per trigger) and then fill the container with the objects from the loot table.
The values you set to these sliders control the chance for the loot table to be picked. The value is like a ratio/coefficient, 15 doesn't mean this loot table will have 15% chance to be picked. Instead it means that it has half the chance to be picked compared to a 30.

§Killing spree loot

This feature allows you to unlock new loot tables for the creatures spawned by RER as you repeatedly kill monsters in the same areas. It is tightly coupled to the ecosystem feature as it uses the ecosystem strength to determine what loot table is unlocked.

The more you kill creatures in an area the more you affect the ecosystem strength, then as the ecosystem strength percentage increases (or decreases if you use custom values) you will progressively unlock new loot tables.
Each loot table in the menu has two sliders:

The unlock % tells you at which point you will start seeing loot from this table. If your ecosystem strength is at 150%, you will unlock any loot table with an unlock % at 50 or lower.

The second slider controls the drop rate of that loot table once it is unlocked. The drop rate continues to increase as you keep killing monsters, even after the table is unlocked. this gives you a reason to kill creature and increase the ecosystem strength even after you reached your goal. That way you keep increasing the drop rate of all the unlocked tables.