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Encounters in RER are random groups of creatures that you will come across in your world. These groups are spawned by RER around the player at random intervals. Each of these encounters have different behaviours and do completely different things, you can learn more by looking at their respective pages.

As said earlier, encounters are spawned at random intervals. You can control this interval with the delay sliders in the Encounters System / General menu. image showing the two delay sliders You can set different delays for the night and the day, particularely useful if you want encounters only during the night for example. In such case you'd set the day delays to a really high value like 600 seconds (10 minutes).
There are two sliders for each, the minimum and maximum delay because RER picks a random value between the two intervals. So with the settings shown in the image RER will pick create an encounter at an interval between 60 and 130 seconds image showing the two delay sliders Then on top of the default delay sliders, there is a unique slider to add a custom delay based on your current level: Additional delay (in seconds) per player level. At a first glance this slider may not seem very useful, but it allows you to create dynamic delays that progressively get shorter as you progress in the game.
For example, let's say you want a chill start but a rough ending at around level 50. You'd set the default sliders to around 300 seconds each and then you would set this slider to -5. Every time you level up the delays will be shorter by 5 seconds, that means you will get the following delays in your game:

Of course you can adjust the values to get different results. But as you can see this sliders allows you to get different experiences based on your progress in the playthrough.

RER v2.6 also introduces a new slider to control even more the delays and how often creatures are spawned. image showing the two delay sliders This slider controls how much repeatedly killing monsters in an area will affect the delays. RER will then adjust the pace at which it creates new creatures, the default value of 100 means that this feature works at 100% of its intended efficacy. This slider can also go below zero, into negative values to completely invert its effect on the delays.

There are two ways to set this slider as it can go into both positive and negative values.

If you are wondering the state of the surrounding ecosystem and what's the spawn rate in the region, you can use the ecosystem analyse ( setup guide ) which will now include a line with the spawn rate

You can also control how far encounters are created as encounters are spawned around you. The distance sliders help you control this image showing the three distance sliders the first slider, the minimum spawn distance controls the distance at which encounters cannot be created. It is a safe radius around you.
The second slider spawn diameter is the danger zone after the safe zone where encounters are created. So with the settings shown in the image encounters will be created between 40 meters and 160 meters from you.
The last slider, the automatic kill threshold tells at which distance RER considers an encounter lost and kills it to save performances. Because it is not guaranteed creature from encounters will go towards Geralt, this slider is important.

Creatures from RER are always spawned at Geralt's level, it ensures a pleasant experience. But you can control their level with the levels sliders It is pretty simple, with lowest: -3 and highest: 3 you will get creatures with a random level around yours but never higher than three levels and never lower than three.
You can set both sliders to +10 and every creatures will be ten levels higher than you.

Static encounters are so simple that they don't deserve they own menu, so their spawn chance were set in this menu. image showing static encounters sliders If you want to learn more about them, see the static encounters page.

Creatures from encounters may drop tracks on the ground, this slider controls how often they leave tracks and how dense the trails will be. A value around 30% will result in vanilla like trails where tracks are placed every few meters. While 100% will result in really dense trails that are easier to follow. But note that RER limits 200 tracks per entity and after the limit is reached it starts recycling old tracks to save performances. With really dense trails the entities will reach the limit really fast and you may see trails disappear in front of your eyes.