Random Encounters Reworked bible

Everything you need to know about RER in a short format!
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Getting started

You just installed the mod and wish to know what's new without going in too much into the details. This article aims at listing the main features of the mod and what you should expect from it, that way you get no bad surprises.

A slow start

The mod can be a bit much in fresh playthroughs, for this reason it starts slower than what the settings allow and increases by 10% of its capacity each hour until it reaches 100% after 10 hours of gameplay.

If you're wondering if the mod is working, the best way to confirm it is to see if you get the preset selector the first time you load a save with the mod, or to use the rerbounty command to start a bounty (and eventually rerabandonbounty to finish it).

Be patient and wait until you reach Velen before tweaking the settings, White-Orchard being a smaller area with flat terrain can make the chances of being ambushed much higher than they should be.

The world

The mod obviously adds new monsters to your world, but sometimes not in the way you expect it to. The mod has the possibility to spawn monsters in a large radius around you, but also depending on you what you do. (You can read more about the encounters system for enemies that a spawned while you're out of combat)

Sometimes fighting a pack of wolves doesn't yield the results you wanted, instead the noise you made attracked a curious Wyvern that slept nearby. (See the fight noise event)

Be careful of what you leave behind, don't forget necrophages are attracted by the scent of blood. (See the the blood necrophages event)

Don't expect your exploration to go the same way it did in your last playthrough, the mini-boss you fought may now have allies or even a sibling with him. (See the fill group event)

The contracts

A feature you may find confusing at first is the reputation system and the contract system RER introduces.

These two systems will control what you see on the noticeboards of your game, it may add new notices but it may also hide some depending on your settings. By default all noticeboards will get an additional notice from A. Letoth, a generous person offering sweet rewards for the dangerous monsters heads!

If you wish to learn more about the contract system and the reputation system, you can head to the contract system page.

The characters

The mod adds a new NPC in all the regions you visit. He is known as the bounty master, and as you may have guessed, he gives access to a unique bounty system. But not only that! He offers services related to the other features of the mod such as contracts and trophies.

You can learn more about him in the bounty system page.