Random Encounters - Reworked | The Witcher 3

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Monster contracts, bounties, nests, hunts, ambushes, events. Dynamic ecosystem and food chain simulation. All this with a fully complete mod menu.


Everything the mod has to offer


There is a video that shows how to use the script.

Download the install script and place it right inside your The Witcher 3 directory.

It is recommended to take the install script from this link as it is always up to date unlike other websites

Right click the install script and click "run it with powershell"

It will automatically download the mod and its four dependencies. It will also detect the mods you currently have installed, then skip any mod you may not need. Finally it will install the patches you need for better compatibilty with known mods like Enhanced Edition or Ghost Mode.

Once the install script has finished, open your script-merger and merge the scripts. For merging instructions about known conflicts please refer to the in-depth guide section on the subject

Start the game, let it compile the new scripts and load a save. You are supposed to see a preset selector, if you see it then everything is working and you can enjoy the mod.


Source Code

If you have ideas about features, or you encountered a bug and want it fixed (or even better you fixed it) head to the github repository and create an issue i appreciate any feedback 👍